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The shortcut command-1,2,3,4,... is not handy at all for French keyboards !!


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Indeed : 


So, it would be great to be able to change these shortcuts !


Thanks from France


Have you tried these combos first to see if they work?


Cmd + number works fine on a French keyboard, regardless of the fact that the number is the secondary character assigned to that key. I've re-tested this on a standard layout French keyboard and it works just as expected :)


Just to clarify, don't press the Shift key. Simply press the cmd key and the key where the number is - in other words, you'll be typing Cmd + & for Cmd + 1.

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Hi Vero, 


I was procrastinating browsing through the different forum threads when I discovered this one  :)


I don't remember seeing this combo tip elsewhere (for example: in the vimeo tuts). 

If not already specified please do cause this a real time saver for users with "freaky keyboard layout".


It is making Alfred even more awesome!


Thank you.

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