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Bit stuck on a hotkey/keyword workflow...

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Hello! :)


So I've used other people's workflows with Alfred for quite some time now (thank you to all you lovely developers that have created some - they're ace!) but I thought I'd have a bash at making a simple workflow myself, for launching a few apps.


The basic idea (or so I thought) was to do this...


  • Have a hotkey that links to a keyword...
  • Keyword has arguments that can be passed into it...
  • Depending on the argument you put in, that will launch a specific set of apps (via the Launch Apps/Files action)

However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the keywords/arguments to link to the different apps - as far as I can tell, the one hotkey can link to one keyword, rather than several.


Is there any way for me to tie these keywords together from one input? So I could type "apps" and then "design" (so "apps design") and that launch my particular design apps, etc?


Thanks so much - I'm sure I'm overcomplicating it in my head and it's actually easier than I'm thinking...I hope! Anyway, appreciate any and all help. Thanks :)

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If I've understood correctly, you want a hotkey that pops up Alfred prepopulated with a specific keyword.


To do that, link your hotkey to a Run Script action to be run by /usr/bin/osascript:

tell application "Alfred 2" to search "yourkeyword "

This will open Alfred with yourkeyword already entered, and if you follow the next step, the arguments you've configured.


The second step, as I understand it, is to act on, say, yourkeyword design to open one set of files/apps and yourkeyword fun to open another.


To do that, set up a Keyword input for each one, e.g. yourkeyword design and yourkeyword fun, and link each one to a corresponding Launch Apps / Files action.


You don't want a Keyword input just for yourkeyword.

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Ahh great, thanks so much Tyler. Makes sense to just use the built in hotkey function! :)


I think my problem was I hadn't realised the keyword needed to include the "apps" bit. So I was creating keywords that opened apps called "design" whereas I actually needed "apps design" as the keyword.


Thanks so much to you both! :)

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