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Pass to URL Scheme

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If you know the URL scheme of the application that you need, then you can just run `open scheme://arguments/etc/whatever` in a bash script or as a terminal command. For instance, open up the terminal and type `open dict://test` Each application can define its own scheme (if the programmer chooses to do so). I'm not sure which ones you want (is this from the address book? Are you opening contacts? Where?).


You might have to parse the {query} variable or at least you need to construct it according to the individual scheme specifications.

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Each application can define its own scheme (if the programmer chooses to do so).


Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the reponse. How do you find which applications support a scheme, and if so, what it is?


I am trying to create a custom action for Contacts that is triggered by the Notes field. However, rather than just sending the value of the Notes field, I want the First and Last names as well.... or at least a reference to the contact so I can parse it myself.

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There is an article here on the Address Book's url scheme. Generally, to find out if it has one, I just hop to Google and search for the application + URI scheme (or URL scheme). Not all of them have one, so that's just the best way. Apple probably has some better documentation somewhere.


I'm not too sure what else you're looking for or how you mean that you want to trigger something from the Notes field (do you mean search the notes field for the results and then grab the first and last names to parse the content? Or something else?).

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