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Screenshots 1.1: capture, save to Dropbox, get Link and manage files and past links

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Screenshots Overview Take screenshots and manage files within a Dropbox Public subfolder. Main features: custom filename with constants always use the last filename pattern (useful

See Carlos' post above regarding upgrading for Alfred 3...   http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3922-screenshots-11-capture-save-to-dropbox-get-link-and-manage-files-and-past-links/page-2#entry43776

15 hours ago, magrolino said:

Dropbox killed the public link feature on March 15th, I fear that this workflow might not work again since the images are embedded in a webpage and there is no direct link to the image anymore. I wish somebody will prove me wrong..


Announcement: https://www.dropbox.com/help/16


Oh man, sad day! What's the best next way of doing this? Maybe some sort of workflow that updates to imgur or something?

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On 7/6/2016 at 11:44 AM, Carlos-Sz said:



Here is a new workflow version that I'm still testing. If you'd like to try it download it here.


Note that you have to configure the workflow in Alfred Preferences as seen below:




Thanks Dropbox. Not only are the images gone but all links are dead. Any way to download v2.0?


(Or any way to make jpg the default in 1.0?)

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This workflow doesn't work in Alfred 3 because of hard-coded Alfred 2 paths in the q_workflow.script file. I've updated those for the new paths, but now I'm getting another script error:  


[2017-05-31 11:39:34][ERROR: action.script] 0:98: execution error: Alfred 3 got an error: "? " doesn’t understand the “«event alf2Sear»” message. (-1708)

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On 19/02/2018 at 11:54 PM, Carlos-Sz said:

Screenshot 2.0: Download Now


Is this updated workflow supposed to work with the *newer" dropbox versions? It seems not to work on my side :/ 

The description says "Note that you can set any folder, like "/Users/MY NAME/Pictures/", but the URL or shortened URL will not work." - so I guess this wont work anymore? What is this update about? Can't find any changelog unfortunately.


@Carlos-Sz could you shed some light onto this, please? :)

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