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Yet another alfred-pinboard workflow (obsolete)

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Yet another alfred2-pinboard workflow. It provides INSTANT pinboard search and various functionality.




- v1.2 : Remove the dependency of cron job 

- v1.1 : add [send to Pocket]



::: Version 2.0 is released. <2014-05-27 Tue>

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This looks good, thanks. But there's a problem for me with tags in the workflow.


If I search for a tag and hit Tab it doesn't select it or auto complete (should it?)





With a tag selected (like above) if I hit Return it doesn't show all bookmarks with that tag, or open Pinboard.in showing a search for that tag.

Instead it shows this message





Also, does it auto reload occasionally, or do I need to manually refresh (pbreload) now and then?

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It says something about "Send to Pocket"…

WRT reloading, from reading the GitHub README, you either have to do it manually with pbreload or set up a cron job to do it in the background.



Thanks, I've been using the one eknkc which auto-refreshes I think.

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