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Offline Unit Conversion Workflow

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v3.3 also uses the decimal and thousands separators you've set to parse input.


Now, you exotic Euro-types can enter 12.000,56 or 32'783,30 etc. (depending on your settings), and the workflow won't throw up on your slippers.

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Moar updates. v3.5.1 now handles negative numbers and is smarter about the number of decimal places.

There's a CURRENCY_DECIMAL_PLACES override to set a different number of decimal places for currency conversions (for you Bitcoin types), and DECIMAL_PLACES is now a minimum, not a hard limit (by default). If DYNAMIC_DECIMALS is on (the default), the workflow will show as many decimal places as necessary (up to 10) for the result to be non-zero.

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Hi @deanishe, thanks for the great workflow.

I have a request related to the significant digits of the converted quantity.

The variable DECIMAL_PLACES controls not only the displayed format in Alfred bar but also the quantity copied to the clipboard on pressing Enter.

E.g. `conv 2.3456 m km` will show a converted quantity `0.0023 kilometer` and copy 0.0023 on the clipboard.


I would prefer to have the displayed result controlled by the mentioned variable but to retain all significant digits in the quantity copied to clipboard (in my previous example 0.0023456).


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On 2/14/2019 at 4:40 PM, johseb said:

I would prefer


Is there an objective reason why I should implement this change?


I don't really see the point myself. OTOH, I don't work seriously with numbers, so I'm always open to making justifiable changes.

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