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FaceTime from Alfred Contact Window

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how about making a FaceTime Call directly from the Alfred Contact Window?


You could create a new Contact Action in Alfred's preferences that would do this. You would just choose the field you wanted the action to work on (probably the phone number) and set the action to pass to a URL scheme. The URL scheme would be facetime://{query}

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Thanks, but some people use the phone number for FaceTime other ones the Email address. And if I use the Email address for FaceTime I can't use it anymore for emailing and what about FaceTime and FaceTime Audio?

So my question, is it possible to insert FaceTime Hotkeys into the Alfred Contact Window or something else for a fast call?

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In Yosemite (and possibly earlier versions) you can use the tel:{query} URI scheme, for the Phone field. Uncertain if it will work for you, but it does allow me to use Alfred to make calls with my iPhone.

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