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add docu: some workflows need accessibility activated for Alfred

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i try out some workflows but some give no reaction.


later i find out that some workflows need accessibility activated for Alfred





- add a hint at the workflow settings tab if accessibility is not activated

- add a hint to the beginners guide to activate the accessibility




sorry - wrong category - please move to suggestions

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It's really the responsibility of the workflow's creator to list their workflow's dependencies. If the workflow requires Accessibility, it should be noted in the description.


It would be better if you posted your thoughts on the original workflow's topic. That way, the developer for that workflow can handle his own code and make any necessary changes.

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i have reported to one of the workflow authors





- because its only needed one time to add alfred to accessibility i think its a more general question




- not every author of a workflow knows that he need to enable this for his new workflow

- i am a new user of the powerpack and get frustrated, because not all workflows work like expected - and the bad feelings go to alfred app and not to the workflow author

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If the developer doesn't know his/her code has a dependency, it's that developer's responsibility, not Alfred's. I'm sorry if you are mistakenly upset with Alfred because of a third-party developer's failings.


As a workflow author, I greatly appreciate receiving feedback about my work. It allows me to write better, smarter code that "just works". Providing feedback to the author is the best response in this situation.


Cheers :)

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