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add docu: notification and notifications with growl

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notification center is not working with mavericks (its written below the setting "Notification": "Notification Center will only work in 10.8)





1) while alfred setup with 10.8 then show a message that this is not working with 10.9 and let the user choose a different notification output


2) if growl is activated then it is needed to change the growl setting for "OSX Notification" to OFF - show this hint at the alfred settings tab





sorry - wrong category - please move to suggestions

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Notification Center does work with Mavericks. Perhaps the note should read "Notification Center will only work in OS X 10.8 and above." Or perhaps Alfred could automatically remove the "Notification Center" option if the user is on OS X 10.7 and lower.

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1) the hint should be updated with the "and above"



2) but on my mavericks was realy not showing up notifications with mavericks - thats why i assumed the text was right


thanks for information that it works on mavericks - i find out that i have activated the "not disturb while mirror to TV and projector"

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