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Search for and run AppleScripts & Automator workflows

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I made this for myself (with the help of deanishe) but wondered if anyone else would find it useful?


It's a search filter for AppleScripts and Automator workflows that will run them when you hit Return.

In Alfred's preferences I choose to open AppleScripts rather than running them, so created this for when I want to run scripts and workflows instead.









There's also an action to run scripts or workflows if you haven't used the search filter (i.e. in general file searches).


Download: http://d.pr/ePo7


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This is a great idea, but I get nothing in my results. My applescripts are in ~/Library/Scripts, and my workflows are in ~/Library/Workflows. Do you have a special search scope set up in Alfred Preferences?


I don't think Alfred searches in ~/Library by default. Try adding those folder folders to the Search Scope, and check the 'Show files marked as System File' option.

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If you run into any errors, do let me know. Packal is still in the "beta" phase, and there are some intermittent problems with uploading workflows that I'm having a bit of trouble tracking down because, well, they don't seem to be thrown in any consistent manner. But all the more info that I can get when it comes to the errors will help.

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