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I kept finding myself writing one-off scripts to feed my indecision and make a random choice. I wrote this workflow to automate my indecision. ;)


Download | Source

Some of these keywords are duplicates of existing workflows, but I wanted to have all my RNGs in one workflow. Feel free to disable any keywords you don’t want or need.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about downloading a light or dark version of the workflow. The icons adjust automatically based on your theme as soon as you start using the workflow. See alfred-icons for more information about how this works.



Enter a comma separated list of values and pick one at random.



Roll a die. Enter the number of sides, and have a random number chosen.


At its simplest, rand just an alias of roll. For example, rand 20 and roll 20 both do the same thing. However, you can define a lower and upper limit with rand.

Example usage:

  • rand 20
  • rand 10-20
  • rand 50 70
  • rand 100..1000

Flip a coin: heads or tails.


Like flip, but with a yes or no response instead.

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I was *just* about to start work on a random number generator for Alfred and then found your post :-). Excellent stuff - thanks.

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