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Alfred Workflow Builder QuickRef

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Alfred Workflow Builder QuickRef


(Download Here)  


(Github) (Packal)


Helps locate the files and folders that you most often need to access for building Alfred workflows by listing the files in the order which workflows or data

directories you most recently used.


This workflow was based of a previous workflow built by Dajun Duan. His workflow can be located here.



Enter — Browse in Alfred

⌘ Enter — Reveal in Finder

⌥ Enter — Open in Sublime Text



Type in awf and choose.




Data Directories





Workflows Directory



Edited by AleXander

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Hey Cory,

I really like your workflow — with the time i spend developing workflows! ;-)


Though, the Workflows Directory section isn't very useful for me because it doesn't use any human readable name... The information is right in there though: the info.plist has the bundleid string almost right at the top.


And also, there is a third category of directories for volatile data: ~/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data/<bundle id>


Any chance you'd consider adding these?

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