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Shortcut to open a pop up window instead of a new tab in web search (Chrome)

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Hi all,

Newbie here. 

Having recently discovered Alfred, I enjoy using it so much. 


So my question is: Is it possible to make a web search in a pop up window instead of a new tab for a spesific website? I want to use this feature for an online dictionary where I think it'd be much easier to look up for a meaning of a word without having to navigate from the current tab. 

Ideally, with an escape, the pop up window would be closed and I can focus back to what I read.


Did anyone try this? Is it possible?



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Alfred has a native way to define words via the OS X dictionary. Just type "define <word>". You can also look through the forums for other dictionary workflows (there have been a few of them made). You could look, instead, at using a script filter to return the results directly in Alfred so you don't even need to open a new pop-up. You could look into using the Display Webpage in Popup action in automator. It might be called something slightly different.


Otherwise, you would probably want to look into Chrome's data schema basically to open a new tab with a data uri that would include a pop-up somehow. An example, open a new tab in chrome and enter this into the address bar:

data:text/html, <img src="" />

You'd have to embed the javascript there, etc...

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