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Download: https://bitly.com/1cXgNbn


So, as you all know, Cir.ca is THE place to get mobile news these days. But currently (as of this writing) there is no desktop site/app available.


You *can* get to news stories, there’s just no home page index of what’s available for viewing.


However, you can search your favorite engine to find and follow topics. After an URL correction by the wonderful Cir.ca Twitter account, I decided to save myself a little time by creating an Alfred app workflow.


Essentially, you type ‘cir.ca’ (or just ‘cir’ in most cases), hit enter/space, add a topic and your default browser will search Google for that topic, limited to results on Cir.ca.


I hope you enjoy it.


(I am not affiliated with Cir.ca, Google and/or the news)

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