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BugNot — Get logins from bugmenot

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This workflow is officially deprecated. It was released to the public domain, so I leave the record here if anyone is interested. You can still find the old source on Github.


Call bn with a website address and the Workflow will fetch the available logins with the corresponding success rate.

If you had the login box selected prior to calling the Workflow, hit ↵ and it’ll automatically type the username, hit ⇥ and type the password. If for any reason that did not work or you just want one of the details, use ⌃↵ or ⌥↵ to copy the username or password (respectively) to your clipboard.



Download | Source

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You no longer need to worry about installing nokogiri. It also now gives you feedback on what website it’s currently searching, so you can quickly know if the website you want doesn’t have any available logins, or the workflow is still parsing your input.

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