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1Password vaults

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Not sure if this is a bug or not but Alfred does not seem to search outside the primary 1Password vault. I have two vaults. Is there a way to change this?


Hi there,


This is currently a limitation imposed by 1Password 4 - Alfred shows all the data in the 3rd party integration database (bookmarks-default.json). They are great chaps at AgileBits though, so I'm sure there will be further integration in the future :)





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Hi @Andrew,


Is there any update on this. I still see Alfred only accesses the 1st Vault and not the second Vault.


Best Regards,    



As far as I'm aware, there is no change in this... 3rd party access is only given to the primary vault.




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Hello there,


I'm also experiencing the same issue.

I recently split up the 1 vault I had (containing over 350 passwords), to 5 vaults.

  1. a personal for myself
  2. a personal for my wife
  3. one mutual vault for the family
  4. one for my small business
  5. one with miscellaneous items (still in de Primary vault)

Alfred only searches (and finds) the items in the Primary vault.


I'm surprised that this was reported almost 2 years ago and there's still no action from both Alfred or Agile.

I'll see which trees I can shake to wake somebody up.


To be continued ...


Kind Regards, Brian 

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I found the following last entry on the Agile Support Forum. 



Hi! Is there currently any plans to add multiple vault support to Alfred?

@frediy: I'm not sure that we can dictate what features Alfred might support in the future (it's developed by our friends over at Running with Crayons), but we can certainly explore collaborating on multiple vault support. Thanks for letting us know you're interested! smile.png

Sincere thanks to all of you for all your great work so far. Massive thumbs up!


And thanks for the kind words! But of course we couldn't do what we do without the support of you and the rest of our awesome customers. So thank youchuffed.png


Is there any way team Alfred and team Agile put there heads together and come up with a solution ... or a definite answer as soon as possible?

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I found the following last entry on the Agile Support Forum. 



Hi there, how old is this post? We've spoken with Agile Bits and they're very much aware that Alfred users are keen to see multiple vaults. The 1Password team have told us it's on the cards, but they can't provide specifics on when it'll happen just yet :)

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