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Pocket for Alfred

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I'm afraid it's currently one arg only. You can't change arg based on the mods, though I think this is coming in v3.
What other data do you need to pass? Would it be possible to cache the data to disk, keyed by URL?



I need to keep track of the corresponding ID. In this specific case, two IDs can have the same URL, so that'd be ambiguous. Mh, let me try to think about something :D

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Darn. I figured that was probably the case.


Best I can come up with: start a local HTTP server (I think you do this in your Gmail workflow for OAuth, oder?) and use<linkid> as the arg/URL. The local server could do a 301/302 redirect to the correct URL, so Quicklook works, and you can parse the ID back out of the URL in the follow-up action.

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Thanks for this amazing worfklow. I'm a big pocket user (top 1% reader according to their stats) but both the mac app and the firefox extension were failing me (the firefox extension doesn't work when you don't save your history).


I'm not sure how the "save link from clipboard" works though. I activated the global shortcut, but nothing much happens. How is it supposed to work? Should the link appear in alfred with the option to "save to pocket"? or does it work in the background with no feedback to the user?


By the way, you should mention in the description that users have to set the global hotkey themselves; this is the normal behaviour of Alfred to avoid conflicts with other system hotkeys.



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Ever since updating to Sierra 10.12.4 when I use this extension it launches two Python processes in Activity Monitor that peg CPU usage at 99% and they just hang there. Eventually the MacBook gets hot and the fans race until I quit those two processes in Activity Monitor.

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Sorry -- I realized that I hadn't really provided any useful information a little later!


Anyway, I'm also having the issue with Python processes that people are talking about, and the temporary fix didn't seem to help, so I suppose I will just wait until there is an update to the workflow.


EDIT: I just tried Fixum again and now my Pocket workflow works. So, thanks for that!

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Bit of a newb to Workflows, but do I need to set this up or something to work? I have installed it, but it just says "contacting getpocket.com"?


- Update - Was in issue with my work network/machine, all is good on a different machine/network.

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Great workflow, thank you! How can I stop it from adding an "alfred" tag by default?


Edit: Figured it out. In the workflow's files, change line 74 of pocket_save.py from: 

   tags = ['alfred']


   tags = ['']


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answered my own question
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Great workflow! Don't know if it's being updated anymore, but I wish I could search for word without the order of the words being a match. For example typing "pocket youtube tesla" would filter out all pocket articles from YouTube with the word Tesla anywhere. Or "pocket youtube tesla downtown" would show the video "Driving through downtown with a Tesla" on YouTube. I guess what I'm trying to say is I really like Teslas.

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23 minutes ago, bivalvegruff said:

Don't know if it's being updated anymore


Fabio still does bugfixes, but I don't think the workflow is in active development any more. He was studying computer science and has moved on to "bigger" things.


As best as I can tell, he's heavily into Smalltalk these days, and that (or Lisp) usually means you're heading for a PhD in computer science.

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