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Check if another Workflow is installed

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I need this functionality recently, and put this little function together. Thought I'd share it in case any one else ever needs it. Basically, I have a couple of workflows (ZotQuery, Skimmer, and SEND) which have overlapping functionality. Instead of copying code so that each can do everything the other does, I wanted to open up certain functionality within one (ZotQuery in this case) if another workflow is installed. So I wrote this little Python function that will check to see if a certain Alfred workflow is installed. It takes a workflow name as input and will output a Boolean true or false. 

def check_for_workflow(name):
	import os
	import plistlib

	workflows_dir = os.path.dirname(os.getcwd())
	all_wfs = os.walk(workflows_dir).next()[1]

	for wf in all_wfs:
		plist = workflows_dir + u"/" + wf + u"/info.plist"
		if os.path.isfile(plist):
			plist_info = plistlib.readPlist(plist)
			wf_name = plist_info['name'].lower()
			if wf_name == name.lower():
				found = True
		return True
		return False
Shout out to Shawn Rice for the conceptual backbone to this code. 
Hope someone else finds it useful.
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