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Workflow to Open Terminal and Set Working Directory

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As a new Powerpack user, I've been downloading several great workflows that I'm already using many times a day.  However, a workflow I couldn't find is one that opens a terminal window and sets the current working directory based the results of an Alfred query.


So I created my own and I'm sharing it here in case others find it useful.


What it Does:

Opens a new terminal window and sets thw current working directory based on an Alfred query that only considers folder names.


Link to Workflow:



Dependencies or System Modifications:







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Great idea.


There's a bug in the code, however:


do script "cd " & q


breaks if there's a space in the directory path. It should be:


do script "cd " & quoted form of q


I changed mine to read:


do script "cd " & quoted form of q & "; clear"


so that the cd command is not visible in the terminal.

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