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Dial iPhone using Command-C.app

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I started using the clipboard-sharing app Command-C and, since it has a url scheme, decided I'd like to use it and Alfred to send dial-able phone numbers to my iPhone.


This version draws on CarlosNZ’s workflow for structure and adapts the ruby script format-us-phone.rb in the Alfred workflow "Funnel" by ctwise.


The script does not filter out phone numbers with letters in them, because it turns out, the iPhone interprets letters in phone numbers correctly.

Note that you'll have to edit the script at this line (near the bottom):
device = "Someone%27s%20iPhone"


and replace "Someone%27s%20iPhone" with the name of your device in double quotes (can be an iOS device or another Mac with Command-C running on it).

Please feel free to improve on this workflow!
3/26/2014: updated to one single ruby script in the workflow, rather than calling a separate .rb file
3/25/2014: updated to avoid needing to use the clipboard
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