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Is there a workflow that will download my bank statements and file them

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Hi, not sure if this is out there or not but just wondering if there is a workflow for Alfred to sign on to my bank(or any other sight) to download the newest statement and file it into a specific folder on my computer?

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Not to my knowledge. And this would have to be a pretty specific workflow, probably tailored to your bank. If there is an API that your bank offers that would let you download statements, then this would make it easy. Otherwise, you'd need to code some sort of webscraper that would log into your bank account and then parse the HTML, grab the proper links, download them, then file them.

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Backing what Shawn said. This would be a very specific workflow tailored to each individual bank more than likely. Also, unless the bank has some sort of API which.. I don't think that's common (I could be wrong), this would be kind of tricky too. I'm not sure about your bank but I log in one place, then have security questions, then have to go to other places to actually get to specific pieces of data so.. scraping the pages would be a multi-step kind of thing and just.. yikes.

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