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Play/pause focusatwill.com in Google Chrome

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I've been using this workflow for a couple of years. It has worked very well and it's so convenient to be able to play/pause from Alfred, thanks very much for making it! There was recently an update to focusatwill.com that broke the workflow (at least for me, I'm on macOS 10.12.6 and Alfred 3.5.1). Any chance you could upgrade the workflow to work with the new focusatwill.com?


Edit: I just checked on Packal and realized that you have already updated it, now with new features! It works great, thank you very much! Maybe good to write a post here about your update, Packal is not actively maintained (unfortunately) and I don't think so many Alfred users check it regularly anymore.

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Yes as you found I did do an update to support the new React-based site. I didn't realize Packal wasn't maintained much. It would be nice if Alfred hosted some kind of registry itself, the way iOS has an App Store, or many languages have official repositories (npm for Node, pypi for Python, etc)...

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