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Wrong search query for Fallback searches

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Search Fallbacks do not strip keyword from {query} resulting in wrong searches.


For example, if I have a workflow which starts with keyword "mw" the fallback search will be like that: "mw {query}". I want it to be just "{query}".




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This is not a bug, this is by design.


To help explain this:

Say you have a date calculator that uses the keyword 'date'. Normally, you type 'date +1d +5w' or something and you get a result from that workflow.


Now say you want to know the date in California, so you type 'date in California' into Alfred. You would get worthless results if Alfred stripped your input to 'in California'.


To work around this:

In the workflow editor, add an Action > Default Web Search. This will use {query} as its argument, stripping the keyword you specified. If the search you need is not available in the Defaults, add an Open URL action that uses your specific URL, placing {query} wherever it belongs :)

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