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Toggle between swedish and english spelling

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So, i toggle between see and eng spelling (system pref, keyboard, spelling) like a million times a day.


I could create a workflow for that - right?


Can some one help me get started.


I'm so stuck trying to get my keyword to open systempref..


Newbie :)

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You can set a keyboard shortcut to toggle keyboard layout in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources.
You can change language like this:

defaults write -g AppleLanguages "(zh-Hant, en, de, ja, fr, es, it, nl, sv, nb, da, fi, pt, zh-Hans, ko)"

and locale (number/date formatting etc.) thus:

defaults write -g AppleLocale "de_DE@currency=EUR"

The problem is that the changes will only apply to newly-started apps.


Personally, I use a modified version of this workflow to launch the app I want with German locale. The linked workflow opens an app in a different language but doesn't change the locale. I altered it to do the reverse: I want numbers and dates to be displayed using German formatting rules; I don't need to have a German UI.

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