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MoonMovie — Search, Stream, and Download many movie and show titles

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This workflow allows you to easily find streaming and downloading links

for many movies and television shows


Script Filters
The script filters in MoonMovie include the following:

  • Moon Searches most relevant titles
  • MoonMovie Searches for a specific title of a movie
  • MoonShow Searches for a specific title of a television show

By using the keyword Moon in Alfred the following results appear.

The default Moon option will search for the most relevant titles available, whether that be a television series or a single movie.
Selecting a series in the default moon option will list out all available episodes of that series.
The subtitle of each results allows you to see if that episode has links available for streaming. Not all links shown in the subtitle can be streamed from, so make note that some episodes or movies may not have streaming links
When you select an episode from the episode listing above, a list of 5 available streaming links will load for you to choose from.

When highlighting one of these stream links, CMD+Enter will load up the download link from that stream.
The MoonMovie script filter searches for much more specific results than the default Moon script filter.
Since the database for these movies isn't the easiest to work with, you may need to sometimes use a special parameter to find the movie or show you are looking for.
This parameter is 


With this parameter you can specify the search year, thus narrowing down your search immensely.
MoonShow works the exact same way as MoonMovie, except for searching shows instead of movies.
Action Modifiers
The only action modifier in MoonMovie is CMD.
When highlighting a streaming link, using this action modifier will get the associated download link from that stream.



MoonMoviev1.2 [Download]


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