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Alfred Idea: "My Reference DB"

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Hi, so seeing how a lot of workflows catter to specialized topics and are built on local information (converters, paper sizes, text expanders) I was thinking about building a custom DB of things for Alfred. I normally have to remember/type a lot of information, for example my own ID number, my car license plate, my email address, my home address, etc. which are not related to each other. 


I have been dealing with this by using the textexpander extension, but have always thought it would be great to have them all in a central location and making it easy to:


-Add a hotkey to some entries

-Perform an action on some entries

-Tag entries...so you could lookup info by this tags.


I don't know if this exists...the issue is really the way to add new entries into the DB




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Look at the Boom workflow(http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1592-boom-workflow/?hl=boom). It stores key/value data and allows for one level of grouping as well. It works great like a text expander, or any type of information where you need to remember the key. It is a command line ruby command as well. I use it both in Alfred and on the command line. This might be like what you were thinking about.

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No problem. It is a very handy workflow that works on terminal as well. Since I am always going between the two, it saves me a lot of typing and trying to remember things. I use it to keep current locations handy without having to make an alias for everything. Lots of ways to use it.

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