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Output notification query tweaks

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I would really like to be able to send multiple values to the notification output.


I have an Alfred script that allows me to control Google Music via hotkey's and I can return information from Google Music to this script (ie, if I'm playing or pausing, the current artist / album / song name) which I want to display in a notification. So, for example, I can hit the appropriate hotkey, the action will be performed and a notification will appear with a title like: "<action>(Playing/Paused/Skipped/etc) <songname>" and the message would be: "<artistname> - <albumname>." Through AppleScript I can generate a notification that does this, but for various reasons I would strongly prefer to handle it through Alfred. The problem is that I only have {query} available, which makes it impossible to make the title dynamically different from the text. 


At the very least it would be nice if I could specify "Last path component" and "Remove extension" for both title and text individually, then I could at least get a little creative on my output.

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