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Why Alfred v2 isn't on the Mac App Store ?

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Hello Alfred Community !


I am an old french Alfred user, who discovered Alfred v1 on the Mac App Store's selection "Best of 2012"

and today I have a question :


Why don't put Alfred v2 on the Mac App Store too ?


It's really amazing for a lot of features, which are goods for the Alfred's developers and for us, the users : 


- Big visibility for the app, good tool to be well-know by a lot of mac users (who are ready to pay the license) for the developers


- A central for our licenses, so if we change our Mac, it's easy to reinstall Alfred and keep its license


- Automatically the updates of Alfred v2, transparently 


- Integrated purchases with the credit card link to our apple ID, more simple for us to pay


And even if you don't want to put the basic license at 17£ for lifetime, you can propose a new app in v3, so only people who paid the lifetime license can have a code to update to the new version.


There are.


I'm really close to pay for Alfred, but I want to know your position about the Mac App Store,

and maybe I will wait for the introduction of the app to buy the lifetime license,



Thanks you for reading me.


Lucas, a french student who loves Alfred !


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