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Names of selected files are copied to clipboard on pressing File Actions hotkey

Tyler Eich

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When using the "File Selection" hotkey (e.g. Command + Option + \) to open the actions panel, Alfred copies the selected files to the clipboard.


When pasting in a text editor, the selected paths' names (without their absolute path) will be pasted with a newline between each entry. When pasting into Finder, the actual files will be copied to the destination at which they were pasted.


The copied files do not propagate into Alfred's clipboard history.


Alfred 2 v2.2 (243) on Mac OS X 10.9.2 (13C64)


Thanks to Carlos for helping find this bug :)

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This is expected behaviour. Alfred uses the clipboard as a method to increase compatibility with as many file related apps as possible, even when they don't support AppleScript. It also works around the age old and very frustrating Finder selection bug which plagued the earlier Alfred.


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