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TOC 1.0: Create, update and remove a markdown TOC (table of contents)

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TOC Workflow creates, updates and removes a markdown table of contents that can be useful when writing a more complex document. It should work fine when exported to a html document.

Note that, due a bug/limitation of current OSX PDF print function, TOC will not work in a PDF saved/converted by most of writing applications.

How to Use

Create a TOC

  • open your markdown editor and type your text
  • when you finish it show Alfred and type the keyword toc
  • press Return key
  • the workflow will select the text, copy it, add the TOC and anchor, then paste the text back
You can also set a hotkey to create a TOC.

Update a TOC

If you have edited the text after inserting the TOC then just run the keyword toc again and the workflow will create an updated TOC.

Remove a TOC

The workflow can also remove the TOC and anchors for good. It can be handy if you e.g. want to work with a cleaner text, without TOC and anchors.

To remove show Alfred, type the keyword toc, hold Command key then press Return key.

You can also set a hotkey to remove it.


Type your markdown text as always and don't you worry about TOC:


Show Alfred, type the keyword toc then press return key (or use the hotkey) to create a TOC and the anchors:


Preview the document to see the TOC:



Before using the workflow for good make some tests and backup your texts first.

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