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Add reminders & tasks to Reminders.app

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There are already a few Alfred workflows out there for adding reminders and tasks to Reminders.app. Mine is about quickly adding tasks to different lists by typing the first letter of the name of the list, then the task or reminder.


Here’s some examples:
Typing ‘w finish the report' would add that task to the list named Work.
Typing ‘r pick up dry cleaning sat at 6:30pm' would add that task to the list named Reminders with an alert set for 6:30pm on Saturday.
Typing ‘g milk' would add that item to the Groceries list.
Because of my OCD the workflow will automatically capitalise the first letter of the task :P
The workflow uses the best parsing engine, Fantastical's, so you’ll need to have that app to be able to use this workflow.
To show all of your lists type +r in Alfred
The workflow shows Notification Centre messages when items are added
Holding down the Option key when hitting Return it will open up the item in Fantastical. Otherwise hitting Return (without Option) will add the task without showing Fantastical.
The workflow comes with some pre-named lists:
In the workflow editor delete ones you don’t want or duplicate them to create more.
To rename the lists to match yours open the script part of the workflow ‘Run NSAppleScript’ on the right hand side and change the name and list colour (for Notification Centre) at the top between the double lines.
To change the colour of a list icon shown in Alfred open the keyword part of the workflow (left hand side) and drag the icon from the ‘Alfred - Reminders List Icons’ folder into the image well.
The workflow uses MountainNotifier for the Notification Centre messages. Once downloaded place it in /usr/bin/
To do this, in Finder’s menu bar select Go > Go to Folder… (or hit Command-Shift-G) and paste in:
Then place the ‘Automation’ folder (inside the ‘Notification Centre’ folder) in your ~/Documents folder.
(Ignore this if you don’t want to see Notification Centre messages.)
The idea for the Reminders list icons was blatantly pinched from LaunchBar 6 :P
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thanks for this great workflow. Everything works for me except the notifications part. None are shown when adding to reminders.


What files am i supposed to copy into /usr/bin/ exactly? The content of the MountainNotifier folder? Or the folder itself? I've tried everything but the notifications just won't pop up.



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