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Making a custom search for GolfWRX forum

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You can right-click on the search field and choose Safari's or Chrome's or Firefox's "Inspect Element" to look at the source code and see what the search query parameter is called. It's not super straightforward, however, so I did it for you.


If you create a custom search in Alfred with this URL:



it should do what you want. The {query} at the end is what Alfred inserts the search query into. search_term is the name of the query form input field (i.e. what the website expects the query to be called).


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Thank you this worked for me. I have looked through it with the inspector tool and I understand how you did it.  Thanks for the instruction!


There is another site (telephone book) which I'm afraid is a bit more complicated: http://www.herold.at/telefonbuch/    


It is about the first field that is called "Wer, Was?". I have found the line with the inspector: http://www.herold.at/servlet/at.herold.sp.servlet.SPWPSearchServlet

and the field is called "searchterm". Unfortunately it doesn't work the same way as GolfWRX. How can I connect them so it works in Alfred?

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Thank you so much deanishe! I highly appreciate your help!



So every time there is only one argument you have to use a "?" instead of "&"?

Yup. You use ? to connect the first argument to the base URL, and & to add subsequent ones.

The Golfwrx search URL is a good example.

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