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(potentially) excessive `mds` memory usage when using Alfred 2...

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So I did a little mini-quaratine today after noticing this and while I don't have scientific / empirical evidence, I wanted to throw this out for investigation.


I'm seeing a sharp upward curve in physical memory usage for mds when running Alfred 2.  Just starting him this evening took mds from using 500MB of memory to over 850MB.  It had gotten as high as 1.2GB earlier today, with twice that in virtual memory usage (I started investigating because I ran out of RAM this morning, and that very rarely happens (Early '08 Mac Pro, Quad Core Xeon, 12GB of RAM).  I rebooted afterwards and didn't relaunch A2 until this evening; I checked Activity Monitor before launching and then after A2 had been running for a bit.


Correlation doesn't equal causation, but again, I wanted to post it and see if anybody else had noticed it and see if Andrew had any suggestions, either remedies or any other feedback / metrics he'd like to see.

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Just checked on 4 machines including our extreme heavy use test box and they are all hovering between 30 and 50MB.


Even though Alfred uses OS X's metadata for file querying, what actually happens past this is out of his control, so I don't know why mds would seemingly be growing for you. Do you have a network drive it's trying to index? Or maybe a hard link somewhere on your drive which is causing OS X to get confused and recursively reindex?


I'm going to move this into general discussion rather than bugs as I need to keep the bugs forum focused in the run up to v2 release.

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