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Search folder on NAS starting from a predefined folders list

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I need a workflow that searches folders located on NAS starting from a list of predefined folders. I need also to limit searches to 1 folder depth on NAS for speed and accurate search result.




I want to tell Alfred to look only inside this set of folders:






and limit the folder depth to 1 so only folders inside the folder list are searched.


Using the 'find' command it would be:


find /volumes/data/folder1 -maxdepth 1

find /volumes/data/folder2 -maxdepth 1

find /volumes/data/folder3 -maxdepth 1



NAS is not indexed.


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If it isn't indexed, you'll have to write your own workflow that displays the results of those find calls.

A very basic example (using my Alfred-Workflow library) would look like this:

from __future__ import print_function, unicode_literals

import sys
import hashlib
import subprocess
import argparse

from workflow import Workflow, ICON_WARNING

CACHE_RESULTS_FOR = 10  # seconds

log = None
decode = None

def find(dirpath, query):
    cmd = ['find', dirpath, '-maxdepth', '1', '-name', '*{}*'.format(query)]
    output = decode(subprocess.check_output(cmd))
    return [l.strip() for l in output.split('\n') if l.strip()]

def main(wf):
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
    parser.add_argument('-f', '--folder',
                        help="Search in this folder")
    parser.add_argument('query', help="Search for files with this name")
    args = parser.parse_args(wf.args)

    dirpath = args.folder
    query = args.query

    def wrapper():
        return find(dirpath, query)

    key = '{}::{}'.format(dirpath, query).encode('utf-8')
    m = hashlib.md5()
    key = m.hexdigest()

    results = wf.cached_data(key, wrapper, max_age=CACHE_RESULTS_FOR)

    if not results:
        wf.add_item('No results found', valid=False, icon=ICON_WARNING)

    for path in results:
        wf.add_item(path, valid=True, arg=path, icon=path, icontype='fileicon')


if __name__ == '__main__':
    wf = Workflow()
    log = wf.logger
    decode = wf.decode

Here's a full workflow to get you started. I've created one Script Filter that searches ~/Downloads. You can change that path or duplicate the Script Filter to add other directories.

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