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Hi all,

I often track numeric values (e.g. weight, hours worked), or strings (e.g. food items etc), in a spreadsheet or Evernote, often multiple times a day. 


It would be great to use alfred to quickly do that.

A great workflow would have a [keyword] [value] syntax, so that a [value] (plus maybe a timestamp) would be appended to a google spreadsheet (or Evernote note) specified by [keyword].


For example, entering "hours 5" in Alfred would result in appending the value 5 and corresponding timestamp to a google spreadsheet named "Hours Worked". 


Has anybody thought of something like that?





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If you have a local copy of the spreadsheet & it's formatted as a CSV, this can be done with a single line bash script (this is why I put this kind of stuff in Dropbox....).  If you need to call an Evernote or Google Docs API &/or use a proprietary spreadsheet format it gets more complicated b/c you need to authenticate etc.


Take a look at doing: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/974-doingtxt-a-time-tracking-workflow/

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