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[Request] Launchbar Theme


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I gave it a try, but didn't spend much time on it.

I chose the dark theme of Launchbar, which looks like this:




The result in Alfred looks like this:




It comes close, but is far from perfect.

Theme download here


I would be happy, if somebody else gives it a try, because I am sure, somebody with more experience and skill can come closer to the original.


What font do they use in Launchbar?

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Not sure about Launchbar, but here is a rather lovely OS X Yosemite theme for Alfred:




Alfred will be getting the newer OS X Helvetica Neue font at some point in the not too distant future :)


good news Andrew. is it just the "Helvetica Neue" font or will Alfred allow users to use any font they have installed on the system (which of course will be a problem in sharing themes, due to non-standard fonts being installed on each specific system).

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