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Best ToDo Management Application?

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What do Alfred power users use as their favorite ToDo management app? 


I have been using Toodledo, which is great but I don't see too much integration with Alfred, and I would be willing to switch. 

I could only find a workflow for RTM (beta) and I was curious how people manage todos with Alfred.




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I use TaskPaper with my TaskPaper Alfred workflow: http://www.packal.org/workflow/todo-workflow


TaskPaper uses plain text files and Markdown for the formatting (but, you do not have to). You can just get FoldingText and use it with the TaskPaper workflow - it allows you to set the editor of choice. I originally created this workflow to use Sublime Text with the ToDo package. If you use FoldingText, use only the ".todo" heading extension in that file. This workflow assumes that the file is only a task list.


I also use FoldingText as my general Markdown editor and writing specific todo lists inside the same document. I also have a workflow for working with that program: http://www.packal.org/workflow/folding-text-workflow


Between these two, I do not need any other task management software. If I do, I just add it to my workflows and go! Both of these programs are easy to expand and use. Especially FoldingText - it has it's own debugger!

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