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Adding a suffix to a selection in OSX

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Here is the use case. I am kind of fed up to have to select the url in the address bar, type /archive when I want to access the archive of one tumblr.


So I thought let's create a workflow that would display the selected url in the address bar in Alfred and magically add "/archive" as a suffix. 

But I believe one only can add prefix. 


Any idea?


PS: I know I can show the selected url in Alfred. But I still would have to type "/archive".

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I’m not sure what you are trying, that you can prepend but not append. Either way, there you go. It should work with both Safari and Chrome “out of the box”. You can set a Hotkey, and there’s already a Keyword (gta for “go to archive”). It won’t do it only on Tumblr, but to any webpage. You also don’t need to select the url, it will work on your frontmost tab.

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