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Workflow save file in editor

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I love using nodepad++. Sadly I really often need some other IDE to to something. My workflow looks the following:

  • save file in sublime
  • change to some special IDE (in this case RStudio)
  • Do something to import the file (in this case run source('~/.../functions.R')


I really don't know wether it's good or bad that I did not find anything regarding this but: How can I do stuff within some program (here sublime) using Alfred Workflows? Using Applescript?


Thanks for any help (and I really hope this question is not to stupid, but I did not find anything...)

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Sublime Text doesn't have AppleScript support, as it's not a native application. The same applies to most IDEs.

The only thing you can do with them with AppleScript is to tell System Events to click on their menu items.

It's easy enough to open files in Sublime Text using open -a "Sublime Text" /path/to/file or its subl command-line tool, but that's about the limit.

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