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I've created a basic workflow to create a bit.ly link, which is then copied to the clipboard.




I wanted to have some way to have a Notification Center popup to indicate the link was created successfully, but I haven't figured that part out yet.


You need to have an account with Bitly, and edit the Run Script section to copy your username and API key into place, where it says USERNAME_HERE and APIKEY_HERE.  You can get your API key here, when logged into Bitly.


Download the workflow here.   :)

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Nice workflow GamerChase. I've altered it slightly with the following things:

  • Hotkey grabs selected text and passes it to the script, that way you can select a URL and hit the hotkey;
  • Notification is posted once the script runs.

Get it here: http://cl.ly/2k09260o2N15

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Dude, nice!  Thanks!  I just edited the text that comes up in the notification.




The only thing missing from this, in an ideal world, is a way to make the image on the left of the notification the same as what comes up in the Alfred window when using it.

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Thanks a lot for the workflow to both: Pedro Lobo and GadgetComa, but remove your Bitly username and API key from the script, It is available to everyone who downloads the script!

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