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Is Alfred's knowledge applied to autocomplete/valid=no results ?

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Sorry if I missed it, but I can't find this information in docs..

It seems to me that knowledge is not applied for valid=no and autocomplete results


Let's take an example:




I set uid with playlist name, valid='no' and autocomplete for playlist "La Musique de Paris Derniere":

<item uid="La Musique de Paris Derniere" valid="no" autocomplete="Playlist▹spotify:user:lottademoulin:playlist:60eL7pH4yG8Jb2LVOOuMNA▹"><arg/><title>
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Alfred's knowledge is not applied if valid="no".


Alfred only learns which results to prioritise when items are actioned. If an item isn't actioned (which it can't be if valid="no"), Alfred won't learn to prioritise it for that query.


Yes that's what I figured, but I think it would make sense to apply it when autocomplete is used...


Thanks for your response

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