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Challenge: phonetic transcript workflow

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Hello, I'm David, an English teacher. I have a question. I often need to look up the phonetic transcriptions of a word (for example, alfred = /ˈælfrəd/). This can become a laborious task, even when using websites such as photransedit and phonetizer. I was wondering if there were people in this world clever enough to create an Alfred workflow to speed up this process. Ideally, the process would be something like:


Invoke Alfred

Type a keyword (such as IPA)

Type dog


Press enter to copy phonetic transcription (/dɒɡ/) to clipboard

Navigate to document

Press paste


I have no coding ability whatsoever. Could you help with the *magic* part? Let me know if you can :)




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Five years later, if you still need this, I just made one. Note that you need to get your own free API from Oxford Dictionary (max 1000 requests per month for prototype), and then replace the application ID and key with yours.

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