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Mail Interface Management

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# Mail Interface Management


A collection of scripts for working with Apple Mail.  So far there are four:


**mv** - toggle Mail between the new (as of 10.7) view and the "Classic" (10.6 earlier) view


**mc** - set the interval to check for new mail.  Defaults to automatic.  Specify a time in minutes or "man" for manual.


**check** - check for new mail


**mf** - open the "Flagged" mailbox.  To use “mf”, you need to first add the Flagged mailbox to the Favorites Bar (the list of mailboxes right below the menu).  In my case the Flagged mailbox is the 5th from the left - change the keystroke in the linked “Run Script” object depending on where you have the Flagged mailbox.  This is not an optimal solution b/c if you forget and add another mailbox to the left of Flagged, you'll need to edit the script, but Applescript does not expose the Flagged mailbox directly.


Hosted on Packal:


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