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Microsoft Remote Desktop workflow working again

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Ever since Microsoft released a new major version - 8.0 - the RDP workflow has been completely broken. Microsoft, for reasons known only to them, removed the ability to _search_ the defined servers. Since they don't provide an AppleScript dictionary for the app, the only way to script opening a specific server was to use the search function, so the workflow was broken.


Microsoft just released 8.0.8 which finally adds the search functionality _back_ into the application. The workflow still didn't work so it needed to be tweaked to the new UI. Everything is back to working normally now for the workflow. You can find it on Packal:




Keep in mind that even though this is working the same way it always did before, it's still fragile since it uses UI scripting since there's no exposed scripting support. That means that a new version pop-up window will stop the workflow from working and having focus on a remote desktop instead of the main application will also stop the workflow from working. Until Microsoft adds scripting support, this is the best I can do.

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Automatic Software Updates took Microsoft Remote Desktop to version 8.0.9 a few nights ago and now this workflow is not working correctly.


It's probably the version update window that Microsoft insists on showing with every new point release. Run the app normally and click the button that says, 'don't show this update window again'. The workflow should start working again after that. Unfortunately, this workflow will continue to be 'brittle' until Microsoft specifically supports scripting the app.

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