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DEVONthink Note Workflow

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Now available at my Alfred website, a workflow for adding quick plaintext notes to DEVONthink. This workflow, which makes use of the Alfred.framework project, adds a quick note to DEVONthink Pro. Enter dtn to dispaly a list of databases. Select one, then begin entering a query. While the query fuzzily matches any of your database's top-level groups, they'll be displayed and you can select one; once there are no more matches, the workflow kicks into note mode for the current database or group. Enter a note, either using a colon to separate the title and subtitle or letting the workflow choose a title and date stamp for you, then press Return to create it.


The source for this workflow is available on Github, and provides examples of how to use a couple of Alfred.framework's basic features.

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Just a heads-up that I've totally rewritten this workflow, and made some major changes. In addition to being Alleyoop compatible, it now handles things like commas and UTF-8 characters in database and group names much better, runs much faster, and generally stinks a lot less. You can download the updated version at the link in the first post.

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I've just updated this workflow to version 2.0. Though I believe there are still some UTF-8 bugs to be worked out, it currently provides an example of how to use some of Alfred.framework's basic functionality, and so I wanted to get it out there. The updated version fuzzily searches through your groups as you type, only kicking into note mode when there are no matches. While it's searching, you can select a group and hit Return to navigate down into it.


Download the workflow here and check out the source on Github.

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Nice workflow. see if you can make the workflow to do the following or make a new workflow.


1. Make the note in background and don't display the DevonThink Pro window after creating the note.

2. Default database/folder for writing notes, without selection anything. like., "dtn New:Note". Currently, it goes nowhere.

3. Favourite Database/folder, which should be pinned at the top.

4. append/prepend favourite(predefined and selectable) notes.



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I'm wildly reluctant to add settings, because I take most of the workflow's appeal to be in its simplicity: find a folder, type a note, done. However, the fact that "dtn My fancy note" was getting thrown out was an oversight and a regression on my part—it should have been sent to the global inbox, which it will be in the version just pushed to http://alfred.daniel.sh/Workflows/DEVONthinkNote.alfredworkflow and Alleyoop.

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