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Helmut Hauser

Keyboard shortcut to start apple script in Omnifocus

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Dear all,


I would like to use Alfred 2 to start a specific Apple Script in Omnifocus. I tried to build a workflow, but I was not successful. I use a keyboard trigger, which should only work when Omnifocus is focused (I have adapted "Related Apps" accordingly).

I tried it with "Run Script" (using oascript with either coping and pasting the script and also by using the the path to the script) and I tried it with NSAppleScript (simply copy and pasted the script right into it) and it did not work :-(


Any suggestion?


Thank you very much for your help.


All the best,



PS: Here is the script. It works when I call in Omnifocus. 


-- Downloaded From: http://c-command.com/scripts/omnifocus/defer-to-tomorrow

-- Last Modified: 2014-05-22




on run {}

repeat with _action in my selectedActions()

my processAction(_action)

end repeat

end run


on selectedActions()

tell application "OmniFocus"

return my filterValues(my selectedValues(), {inbox task, task, available task, remaining task})

end tell

end selectedActions


on selectedValues()

tell application "OmniFocus"

return value of selected trees of content of first document window of front document

end tell

end selectedValues


on filterValues(_values, _classes)

tell application "OmniFocus"

set _result to {}

repeat with _value in _values

if _classes contains _value's class then

copy _value to end of _result

end if

end repeat

return _result

end tell

end filterValues


on processAction(_action)

tell application "OmniFocus"

set _action's defer date to my calculateDate(_action's defer date)

end tell

end processAction


on calculateDate(_oldDate)

if _oldDate is missing value then

return my midnightTomorrow()


return (my midnightTomorrow()) + (time of _oldDate)

end if

end calculateDate


on midnightTomorrow()

set _date to current date

set day of _date to ((_date's day) + 1)

set time of _date to 0

return _date

end midnightTomorrow


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