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Show list of running apps in Alfred?

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Is it possible to make a keyboard command, like typing "show", to then show a list of running apps? Then I can just arrow down to open the one I want?


This could be possible with a workflow but you may be better served to just type a few characters and press enter to get the app you want, or, set a hotkey to launch/show the app you desire

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How would this differ from using command-tab?  Unless I am misunderstanding something, I'd use command-tab - it's faster - a single key rather than a command and arrow keys.  

It can be faster to use Alfred if I have a lot of apps running, like at least ten. I can definitely open Alfred and type out the first two characters of an app faster than I can cmd-tab to it. The order of apps appearing in cmd-tab are always different (based on the last opened, or something like that).

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