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I have a workflow that allows you to search for iTunes Art Work.  There are three keywords:







Once you search for a movie, tv show, or music it will open up two tabs in your browser with a standard resolution image and high resolution image.   This workflow is based on Ben Dodson's Artwork Finder https://github.com/bendodson/itunes-artwork-finder/


You may download this work flow from https://github.com/scottfwalter/iTunes-Artwork-Search



FYI -- This workflow searches the U.S. iTunes stored which can easily be changed by updating the script filter to pass in a different country code.



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It's unable to determine my Browser. {Safari 8.0 in Yosemite Public Beta}

As soon as I type more than 1 letter in all of the searches EXCEPT music, Alfred falls back to the default searches. {Alfred 2.4 (2.74)}

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Hi, can you nearer explaine, how to configure the filter or the workflow to use the german store?

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I'm experiencing the same isses as @RodgerWW.


I'm having a browser issue also.  I use Firefox as my default browser.  Using this workflow, I performed a search, Safari launched, and then I got the following error "Oops could not determine your browser org.mozilla.firefox."  I changed my default browser to Safari (7.0.6) and it worked as expected.

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I love this - but it stopped working on El Capitan - I always get the  "Oops could not determine your browser".  My default browser is Safari.  :)


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