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Duden Dictionary Search (with auto-suggest)

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Alfred Duden.de Search Workflow

Search the definitive German dictionary at Duden.de with auto-suggest.


Download and installation

Download the Workflow from the GitHub releases page or Packal. Double-click the Duden-Search.alfredworkflow file to install.


Default keyword is duden. Enter your query after that.

Actioning a result with RETURN will open the full results page at duden.de in your browser. Holding  on a result will show the URL it will open.

Licensing, thanks

The code of this workflow is released under the MIT licence.

This workflow is based on the Alfred-Workflow library (also MIT-licensed).

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Excellent workflow, very appreciated – thanks for your great input here.


(Still haven't quite given up hope that this could be combined with the OT workflow – it's almost there except that in the OT workflow the duden.de option doesn't look for the original search term, only for subsequent ones as described here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3644-openthesaurusde-workflow/#entry23348

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Thanks for finding that.
It was indeed something very minor, and it's fixed in v1.4, which is up on GitHub and Packal now. You can also update by entering duden workflow:update into Alfred.
If you're still getting bum results, use duden workflow:delcache to remove any cached results from the previous, broken version.

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