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Passing one script's output to another

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Hi everyone!


So apologies if this is a crazy question, but I'm having a little trouble understanding how to pass data between scripts. 


In my first php script, I successfully copy a url to the clipboard (that works great). What I'd like to do now is pass that url onto the second PHP script so I can use it in another way. 


1. I'm not quite sure how to have the second script run AFTER the first one.

2. I'm not sure what variable to use to pass the output on, I know it's not {query}, but is there something similar? 



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Large type is just example, and to show what is being outputted from the second script. 


What I'd love to do is pass exactly what I copy through to the keyboard - through to the second script, which must run after the first script. 


Thanks Shawn

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What is the API call?


What you can do is just put the function to call the api in that new "script.php" file, and then run the functions one after another. Anything that is output to STDOUT (basically, what you echo or print) will get copied into the clipboard, but all other functionality can happen elsewhere.

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